Multipurpose Conventional Halogen Oven And Air Fryer

What Would You Rather Do: Wait for 1 hour or spend Less than 30mins With The Convectional Halogen Oven.

World Renowned Chef Reveals Top Secret Low-Fat Ways To Cook,Grill, Deftrost, Roast Chicken, Fish and Turkey With little or No Fat, No Margarine, No Butter Absolutely Guaranteed.

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This Halogen ovens heat with a combination of infra red and convection to cook food 40% faster than a conventional oven – but unlike soggy microwaves,this halogen ovens produce delicious results every time. This halogen oven will take the time and hassle out of all of your favourite dishes. In this you’ll find simple instructions, cooking times and tips to get you started. With a fantastic range of over different  recipes, you’ll discover how easy cooking with a halogen oven can be

Cook multiple foods at the same time,delicious family meals in minutes,perfect results every time,bake,broil,roast,toast,sear,brown barbeque and reheats.

It remove the fat and oil from food so you eat more healthy.

With a fantastic range of over 100 recipes, you’ll discover how easy cooking with a halogen oven can be

The halogen oven is a necessity in every woman’s kitchen that helps to grill, Broils,  defrost, steams and stir fry chicken, turkey, fish,  corn, potato etc…  The halogen oven is easy to operate that has turbo pot like that has a stand for your food to be placed on.  And the cover is it operational where the off and on is location inclusive with the degree temperatures is indicated

Cook multiple foods at the same time,delicious family meals in minutes,perfect results every time,bake,broil,roast,toast,sear,brown barbeque and 


  1. The Convection Oven can cook everything an oven can cook
  2. It’s a true multi-purpose oven suited to prepare all kinds of dishes which would normally require a full-size conventional kitchen oven
  3. The Convection Oven cooks in many ways. It can roast, bake, grill, cook, steam, reheat or defrost
  4. The Convection Oven is economical
    1. It consumes less than half the electricity of a conventional oven & approximately the same as a regular microwave oven
    2. As a result, it’s compact size & requires less energy to heat up to achieve the same results
    3. You can save time & money while your food is cooked to perfection
  5. The Convection Oven is fast
    1. It cooks 20% to 60% faster than a conventional oven
    2. This results from a combination of compact size, efficient design & fan forced heating principles
  6. The Convection Oven cooks fat free. Because you always cook with hot air (dry roasting) & with the food suspended on the wire rack, retention of fat is minimised to lower calories & cholesterol consumption
  7. The Convection Oven travels everywhere
    1. It’s portable & is great for holidays
    2. You can use it at home, office, or can take it with you when you travel (hotels, motels, holiday homes, travel homes, caravans, etc)
  8. The Convection Oven is self-cleaning. The hot air circulation creates an automatic turbo wash action
  9. The Convection Oven cooks evenly. cooking with hot moving air, your food is perfectly roasted all over
  10. The Convection Oven is easy to operate
  11. You can watch your food cooking from all sides
  12. Food remains succulent & juicy (not dried out)
  13. Hot air will not produce smoke & won’t burn your food.



  • Unlike Microwave ovens that focus more on the outward part, the halogen ensures that the whole food is cooked.
  • Makes food  retain heat and moisture for quick, juicy and tender food.
  • The most remarkable factor of this oven is that it has its own function of self cleaning.
  • Its multipurpose function helps it to perform all jobs smoothly and efficiently.
  • The oven has a timer which helps to monitor whether the food has been cooked- your food will never be overcooked or uncooked because the timer will switch off by its own.
  • A significant aspect of a halogen oven is that it endorses improved and healthy eating as it helps in removing the fat away from the meat.

1pc Flavorwave Halogen Oven
Material: Glass
Weight: 0.45kg
Volume:12 Litres


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